Public Transit

Jo Daviess County Transit (JDCT) is a county-wide public transportation system operated by The Workshop. Curb to curb transportation is available for all residents of Jo Daviess County.

JDCT is an ADA compliant organization. Each vehicle is equipped with a lift or ramp and tie down equipment to accommodate mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers.

For more information visit:

Or call:

(815) 777-8088 Direct line

(866) 648-5901 Toll Free

(800) 526-0857 TTY and Voice User

Transit Staff
Kathy Gable, Transit Director

Alex Aufischer

Dan Bartch
Lori Bussan

Dan Dillon
Dennis Ginden
Anna Hemm
Todd Holland
Walter Johnson
Russell Kieffer
Jerry Kirchner
Ben Mock

Tom Nelson
Leonard North
Jenny O’Rourke

Crystal Panfil

Lynn Pehlke

Larry Schleicher
Bill Steger

Annette Story
Dennis Story
Casey Sullivan
Phil Sullivan

Ken Voigt
Doug Wulff

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Questions? Contact:
Kathy Gable, Transit Director
(815) 777-8088

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