Job Training


Employment at The Workshop

We provide job training and work opportunities for adults with disabilities according to their interests and abilities. Individuals may train to work in one or more of the following areas within The Workshop:

When needed, special adaptive equipment is available for most jobs along with one-on-one training to enhance production skills.

Community Based Employment

Milestone Program
The Workshop Milestone Program assists those individuals that are placement ready in obtaining competitive employment within the community.

Supported Employment Program
The Workshop and the Supported Employment Program (SEP) provides support and services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The program helps individuals obtain competitive work in their community and provides support to ensure each individual's success in the workplace.


Individuals utilize their own personal strengths, talents and abilities while working for compensation in a community-integrated work environment.

As part of the Supported Employment Program, The Workshop provides job placement assistance, supervised employment training, vocational development, and job coaching to individuals who have disabilities that impede their ability to acquire successful, independent, competitive employment.

Our program helps the individuals understand and learn:

  • Work Expectations                        

  • Workplace Behavior

  • Workplace Safety                             

  • Production Goals

  • Task Completion

Job Club
This program provides support for individuals working in jobs in the community. The group meets once per month and has educational programming as well as time for socialization. Read more about it here.

There are many capable workers at The Workshop. Businesses willing to offer employment opportunities to the individuals we serve should contact Alison Schoenrock, at (815) 777-2211, extension 407.

Training and Employment
Training and Employment

We contract with businesses to provide paid work options for our individuals.

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Questions? Contact:Alison Schoenrock
Program Supervisor/Community Employment Coordinator
(815) 777-2211, Ext. 407