Success Stories

Achieving Goal

January 2020


In January of 2019 Martha sat down to plan her goals/outcomes for the year. One thing she was certain of was that she wanted to start and complete a needlework project. She had a basic knowledge of the technique but had never been able to finish a project before.


Martha set out to prove to herself that she could do it. She also knew that she wanted to give what she was going to make to her sister Jane for Christmas and she wanted it to be a surprise!  In February Martha began the steps to make her goal a reality. With staff assistance Martha choose a simple needlework pattern of a horse, something she knew Jane would enjoy. To help her guidance on the project, staff Gwen Veltkamp, Executive Assistant/Health Services Co-Coordinator was enlisted as Martha’s mentor. Martha and staff went shopping to get needed supplies and by March she was all set. On Friday afternoons, after Martha completed her work, she would head to Gwen’s office. Martha would carefully work on her stitching while the two ladies would visit about Martha’s day. In addition to her project taking shape, a sweet friendship between the two formed. Gwen provided Martha with the instruction and more importantly the support needed to make this goal a reality. Finally, the last few stitches were completed a few weeks before Christmas. Again, Martha and staff went shopping for items needed to turn her needlework into a beautiful purse. 

It is not possible to describe the look of pride and sense of accomplish that was on Martha’s face upon the completion of her project. She set a goal and ended up achieving so much more! To conclude this success story, here is what Jane shared with staff after receiving her special gift. 

“I just love the embroidered horse purse she made for me. She said she worked on it for a very long time and I know the hardest part was not telling me! She was so anxious, she had me open the week before Christmas.”

Milestone Program  
January 2020


Our Milestone and SEP programs are designed to help those individuals who choose to work in the community be successful at finding a maintaining a job in our community. Bob is a wonderful example of success in our Milestone program. Bob works at The Workshop in the laundry department part time but wanted to try something new within our community. He began working in the afternoons at Culvers in Galena as a grill cook and because of his great work ethic and skills he has been closed out of the 90-day program. He has continued to become a valued employee independently with Culvers and also at The Workshop. Congratulations Bob! Keep up the good work.

Quote from Bob—"Milestone helped me learn new jobs and get out in the community. I would recommend the Milestone program to anybody who needs a little extra help."

Quote form Caprinia Abt, Culver's Owner—"Bob has done a great job for Culver's! I wasn't sure what to expect in the beginning, but he has surpassed my hopes or expectations. He does a great job working the grill over lunch. He even will do what he can to help out at the bun station next to him when he isn't busy at grill. Bob does a very nice job staying busy, working together as a team and taking care of his area to be sure it is ready to go for the next shift. I'm very glad that Bob is a part of our team."

Biking Across Illinois  
January 2019


Exercise is important to stay healthy and here at The Workshop we try to make exercise fun. In May of 2018 we decided to track our miles and see how far we can go. As of December 31st, 2018 Derrick is leading the pack biking 126.1 miles and is close to making it to Chicago! Once to Chicago we will head back to the Quad Cities and north to Galena. Way to go Derrick! Keep up the good work!

A Time For Giving  
December 2018


Mary Ann G. headed a campaign to give a family a very special Christmas. For over two months she asked coworkers to donate spare change toward her campaign. At the beginning of December she had collected a total of $610.10. This surpassed her expectations so she decided to help two families instead of just one. Mary Ann and her case manager, Pam, headed to Dubuque to shop for the families she chose to help. All the gifts were wrapped and given out before Christmas. We are proud of Mary Ann and all who gave just a little bit to make this Christmas special for two families.

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